1. ANGEL

From the recording OUR SONGS

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I sing my songs of longing, proud anthems in the night
Lonely sad ballads as I drink another pint
This whiskey scarred voice will sing one more tune
Last call is echoed when she walks in the room

She looks like an angel, Wind blowin thru her hair
She looks like an angel, silky skin so fair
I can't believe this sight I see
An Angel standing right before me

I've travelled this world o'er, exotic ports I've been
There's nothing more beautiful than this Angel of the wind
I stared in amazement as she gave me a glance
I lost my breath when she started to dance


She spread her wings and she danced in the air
As the tune ended she pulled back her dark hair
I closed my eyes this was no dream
I woke the next morning, the angel lies next to me