From the recording OUR SONGS

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Take my hand my lassie, arm and arm we go
Journey to the mountain where the blueberry grow
Sing a happy tune, our beating hearts will dance
Thru the glen we go to share a scots romance

To be with you forever,
watchin the time go by
Makin love in the heather
Neath a Scottish Sky
Neath a Scottish Sky

Birds are singing sweetly, sun is shining bright
Broom is brightly yellow Oh what a beautiful sight
I'll make a bed of flowers as the sea wind blows
Watch the sky in your eyes, reflect Ben Nevis snow


The sun sinks in the west, don't be sad my dear
Tomorrow is another day, don't shed a bonnie tear
Take my hand my lassie, arm and arm we'll go
Journey to the mountains where the blueberries grow