From the recording OUR SONGS

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I've felt the earth move beneath my feet
I've seen the stars shine above
I saw the moon, rise over the horizon
And light my night with it's love
Yes I did

I've rode the sky, like a bird in flight
crossed an ocean deep and wide
Been down the highway, the road is never ending
I've seen my life flash before my eyes
Yes I did

Cause Fire and Ice and the Devil
Want to take my life away
Fire and Ice and the Devil
To take my life today
Yes they did

I've seen the beauty of the Hielands and lowlands
snow capped mountains high above
The rocky shore lines of Erin and her islands
Castles built by men and god and love
Yes I did


I see the castle walls rising in the distance
My homeland lies ahead my steed is breathless
Running thru the mist and riding hell bent
So I can make my final stand