From the recording THE ANGEL'S SHARE

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As I roved out one fine summer's morn
'Mang hills, moorlands and mountains
Who should I spy but a fair young maid
As I was out a hunting

No shoes nor stockings did she wear
neither had nor cap nor feather
But her golden hair hung in ringlets fair
breeze blew 'round her shoulders

I’ve been to balls and I’ve been to halls
Been to London and Balquidder
But the bonniest lassie that I’ve ever saw
Is the queen amang the heather

Say, "Braw lass why roam your lane?
roam your lane amang the heather?"
She said, "My father's awa' frae hame
I'm herding a' his yowes thegether"

Say, "Braw lass would ye be mine
tae lie in a bed o' feather
In silks and satins you shall shine
be my queen amang the heather"


Say "Kind sir your offer's fine
Twas afraid 'twas meant for laughter
I see you are some rich squire's son
I am but a poor shepherd's daughter"

Had ye been a shepherd loon
Herding yowes in yonder valley
Had ye been the plooman's son
Wi' a' my heart I could a' loo'd thee"