From the recording THE ANGEL'S SHARE

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I walked these streets of Belfast
Wrote my name on the Peace wall
Cried for the children who died there
Drank with a man from Donegal

Sang for a lass from the borders
Shared whiskey with my band
Shed a tear at Culloden
As I held my true love's hand

I've roamed these Isles, roamed them one one an a'
From Inverness down to Gallowa
From Erin's Green that touches the sea
Caledonia, She's calling me
Caledonia, She's calling me

Shared a pint with a lad from London
Made a toast to his new bride
Walked down a close in Edinburgh
To see where vampires hide

Saw a stag in the highlands
Dondered on the Isle of Skye
Rocked the auld Scotia Bar
Made those Glasgow girls cry


Verse #1