From the recording CARRY ON

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Banned from this island, forced to leave this land
They look down their noses, as they raise a striking hand
They try to break my back, my spirit and my pride
I'm bound for America on that rolling tide

Pump your fist in the air
Standing proud and tall
We're Scots American

They call me white trash, a hoodlum and a punk
No celtic need apply as they call me a dirty drunk
Is that a woman's skirt, that makes me really pissed
You're not Scottish, well meet my Scottish fist


Now I play my music in these Irish Pubs
Where a little weasel says its 10 we're now a club
They want a DJ, not your Scottish crap
Ok wee man, here's my Scottish rap


Eejits in the homeland jokes yanks in kilts
I have tartan rights, my father's blood was spilt
They won't change me, to Scotland I am true
Waive St. Andrew's flag wi the Red, white and blue

Chorus x 2