From the recording CARRY ON

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This is my city, I've been gone too long
Edinburgh City, is where I belong.
This is my city, why I sing this song
Edinburgh City is where I belong.

I'll take you to the old town tonight
Cross the stony bridges where drunk lovers fight
You taste like whiskey, as I brush back your hair
Dredlocks in Binkies as music fills the air


Walk with me where bravehearts fought
Where kings once stood and lovers lost
We'll kiss the wind on top of Arthur's seat
We'll walk 500 miles to the firth of forth in Leith


I'll catch a glimpse of your lovely smile
As we dance with the buskers on the Royal mile
A whisp of a kiss, a whisper in your ear
My hearts in the hielands but it's also here

Chorus x 2