From the recording CARRY ON

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I'm a stranger to this country, from America I came
There's no one here kens me or yet can tell my name
I came o'er tae this country tae wander for a while
Far frae my bonnie dearie, and monie's the weary mile

Some say that I am rakish, some say that I am wild
Some say that I am guilty the lassies tae beguile
But I will prove them lying folk if ye'll come alang wi' me
And be my leesome lassie on the plains o' Americay

Gie my regards tae Nancy wha lives on yonder hill
And likewise unto Betsy, she's the lass I like so well
But gie my love tae Maggie,  she's my heart's delight
I'll row her in my erms through a year lang winter's night

The ship that's on the saut saut sea maun sail without her sails
The wee wee fishies grow until they turn to muckle whales
In the middle o' the ocean  grows a rowan tree
Afore that I prove false tae her that's gi'en her love tae me


Send me word my darlin' and westward I will sail
On a packet out of Leith my dear on a brisk and a pleasant gale
And when that I am landed, you'll plight your troth tae me
And we'll dance and sing thegether on the plains o' Americay